My Busy Week (1)

Monday, May 17th 2010

Just wake up as usual (8:30) and then ngulet2 while sending message to boyfie.. A couple minutes later i’ve got call from Lintasarta to come there at 10 am.. And then akhirnya gw berangkat dengan terburu-buru dan naek TAKSI.. yeah,,mana ada orang baru dpanggil kerja hari pertama trus naek TAKSI buat ke kantor??gaya banget dah gw.. xD So thats my first day job at Lintasarta..

Tuesday, May 18th 2010

hey hey,,its my 2nd day at office.. and tomorrow i will have a final test.. its pretty stressing for me.. 😦

9pm my boyfie suddenly appear in my kosan and take me to the hospital.. its very kind of you huny.. i love you so much.. 🙂

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

brangkat dari depok dan beli roti di stasiun UI bwt sarapan biar pagi ini minum obat (maklum gw tipikal org yang ga biasa sarapan).. sambil sarapan sambil belajar sambil buka fesbuk dll.. stress tingkat tinggi karena mau ujian Rangkaian Listrik 2.. thx god mba friesca sangat baik hati dan mempersilakan gw untuk belajar aj dan kerjaan yang datang di handle ma dia.. thx mba.. 🙂

begitu uas dmulai saya pun tumbang.. bukan cuma karena modar liat soal tanpa rangkaian (secara ada rangkaiannya aj udah sulit,,lhaaa ini without scematic) tapi juga karena gw duduk tepat di depan standing AC.. jadilah selama 2 jam gw dihajar AC..

Thursday, May 20th 2010

Tomorrow i’ll have an Digital Technic’s final test and i start to study from today.. So gw jembrengin itu materi2,, sambil kerja sambil baca,, sambil ym-an ma pacar.. simply : MULTITASKING..

Friday, May 21st 2010

It’s a hard, sad and happy day at the same time.. It’s sad cuz mba endah will resign today (me as her replacement) and happy because we have took many photos at office.. *narsis time* 🙂

a hard day for my and my boyfie,, we have a serious talk at night.. but thx god we have passed it together.. we are love each other so we can through it if we’re together, right?! none can stop us, none can break our love, and none of bussiness better go away from our life..

and (again) thx god i have pass my final test today.. just try to annoying me and my relationship doesnt broken my concentration.. all of the people in the world should know that CANCER people can be a PERFECTIONIST when it needed.. we can distinguish between office – campus and love (or even family and friends).. and i’m proud to have a CANCER’s zodiak.. well at least we’re not a labil person actually,,just a moody.. LOL 🙂

Saturday, May 22nd 2010

going to my old campus – PNJ just to accompany my boyfie to see the robotic’s team’s progress.. and we have lunch there too.. too bad our favorite SOP IGA wasnt there.. 😦

in my house my boyfie straight to sleep in my living room for (almost) 3 hours.. he must be so tired last night.. that was a long day for him to face our problem.. when he sleep i love to see him and touch his hair.. *or sometime take his sleeping picture* 😛 i love to see his innocent face when he fall asleep,,he doesnt look have problems,, seems like it left behind his back and show another side of his face.. so glace and innocent.. and i love him.. 🙂

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