Random (1)

get fight with boyfriend/girlfriend is normal..  it shows you that you have a real relationship, not a fake.. if you love someone that much, its possible for them to make you hurt even crying.. because the person you love most is the person who have a biggest possibility to hurt you.. but its not just that.. if you two really really loving each other, then you wont ever want to break up.. get hurt, get fight, get upset is still normal.. crying, mad, also normal to express your feeling.. but the point is, when a couple have a fight, they mad and yelling each others, make others crying, or something BUT they never say break up.. well i just can say is they are so much in love each other.. maybe thats true love.. and i’m proudly saying that i’m in love with my boyfriend so much.. whatever we’ve said, we’ve done when we’re get fight,, i still love him.. we’re still love each other.. its just make our love getting stronger.. and actualy i just wanna said that maybe he’s my true love.. but i’m gonna let God make the good decision for us.. and i hope we gonna be together forever as a couple till the rest of our life.. insya alloh.. 🙂


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