magnificent june

as always..june is the loveliest (halah bener ga tuh bahasanya??hahaha) month in a year for me.. as i tell a year ago, not just because its my birth month, but also my brother & jakarta too.. and this june (thx god) i’ve got a birthday surprise..

1. from my lovely boyfriend.. he gave me super big and cute a teddy bear.. we call him “yong” just like as yonghwa’s name..

2. from my besties in office.. june 25th was already passed, but in june 28th they gave me a black forrest..

and in june 26th i took my family to get lunch in Seoul Garden (Korean’s food) PIM 2. my parents, my brother & his wife & her mom, my sisters & also my cute-handsome-little-nephew..

in june 29th, i went to PRJ with my boyfriend..wew, its boyfriend seems a lil bit uncontrolled  to buy anything.. he was so excited with so many stuff.. hihihi thats so cute hun.. :*

well.. i’m not in a good mood too write actually..but i think i’ve tell all my stories in june.. and its already july offcourse.. so, goodbye lovely june, i love you.. :*

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