How I Met Paramore

hahaha,,yeah its not about “how i met your mother”.. the euphoria still burning inside, i still wont let it go..

at the concert last august 19, my boyfie ask me when i was started to like Paramore.. i said i almost forget, i just remember that i saw hayley in mtv and she showed her voice.. its just, wow.. then mtv played their video : Misery Business..

after that i always love Paramore, even just their single.. then when they song “Decode” being OST Twilight i’m getting love them and try to search another their songs.. at that time i realize that “Riot!” is their 2nd album.. too bad i missed their 1st album “All We Know Is Falling” which is release in 2005.. but i still love them, i search on google or youtube just to know their songs, almost all of their songs.. play it every day, and almost remember all of lyrics..

when they release their 3rd album ” Brand New Eyes” i even love them more and more.. their songs is so real, and i think i can feel it so much.. “Ignorance” , “The Only Exception” , “Playing God” , has a great lyrics.. i’m so into it..

and thank god i have saw them live in jakarta.. thx showmaxx, thx boyfie, thx paramore for such a great concert.. love yaa.. :*


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