Paramore Live in Jakarta, August 19th 2011

wow i cant tell you how much happy am i.. i’ve been waiting this concert so long ago..

and we got this poster for each person :

and the ticket :

why 2??yeah i should said that i’m with my boyfie.. so sweet to accompany his girlfriend watching her favorite band.. btw next September it’ll be my time to accompany him to watch Linkin Park.. πŸ™‚

paramore, i think they ‘re so kind..they bring they dudes “The Swellers” as an opening band..pretty good music for a “still unknown band”.. maybe next time they’ll be famous.. πŸ™‚

then they appear..Paramore i mean.. they kick us with “Ignorance” as a first song..then hayley said that they should have come a long long time ago.. yeah hayley, i remember a couple years ago that you said you want to go to Indonesia, but too bad there’s a fucking boomers jerks who explode a building in Kuningan (i forget what building)..

then “Thats What You Get” & ” Feeling Sorry”.. then i’m already drown into the concert.. i’ve enjoyed that very very much.. gosh.. i just remember there are “Playing God”, “Decode”.. “When It Rains”, “Where The Lines Overlap” with accoustic version.. “Misguided Gosht”, then she said that we’re a good singers, but she want some moves!!! hahaha thats sound so hayley.. πŸ˜€

then she said that “Welcome to our family (paramore) , it’s a big family, if u can get in, u can never get out!Β If you try, we’ll find you.. oh yeahh we’ll find you in your mama’s house or even in your grandma’s house..we’ll find you..” she also said that “Brand New Eyes” wont be their last album, it will more and more.. yeahh we’ll wait for it paramore.. πŸ™‚

then there’s a time when hayley wear “blankon” hahaha so cute,,too bad i dont have take that moment.. then they bring us “CrushCrushCrush”, “Monster” (new single), “The Only Exception”..then the lights off and they disappear behind the stage, then we screaming “we want more!!” again and again until they show up again.. πŸ™‚

and they back into the stage with 2 last songs : “Brick by Boring Brick” and “Missery Business”..hayley even trick us with the Missery Business, she said “gotcha!!” when we sing the lyric.. actually she stop (the music still on) because she want to pick some fans to singing with her.. omg!! and there are 2 lucky guys & a girl she picked to come up to the stage.. damn,,so many people screaming with jealoussy (me off course).. then they sing the last lyric of “Missery Business” then the show is over..

ohh hayley.. your voice, your moves, your looks.. how could you be so cute and cool at the same time?? *amazed*


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