just for fun!

it’s been 6 days and i think i’m gonna have my period, so honestly my mood is up and down really fast.. and because of my annoying relationship, or should i said that i broke up? urgh.. so i think it’s getting hard to relax myself.. maybe i need a couple shot of beer.. wkwkwkwk #noiamnotdrinkanyalcoholifyouask

buuuutttt… a couple minutes ago i get bored and typing “what should i do when i break up with my boyfriend” in Google.. i saw a bunch of website and choose it randomly.. there are a 16 questions i have answered, even if i didn’t 100% sure about my answers but i think it’s pretty fun.. after answers the 16 questions, i got this :

what should i do

honestly i don’t really wanna think about this seriously.. and one last thing.. OMG this is¬†ridiculous, how come there are a relationship tutorial book/ebook?? hahahaha very funny #sarcasm ._.

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