RAOTM 2014 – Ritz Carlton

so, i finally move on to another company.. Rockwell Automation On The Move.. yes, from it names you can know that finally i’m back to the control system world after 2,5 years lost in telecommunication world.. hahaha

so yesterday Tuesday, May 20th 2014, we have an event called RAOTM and for this year it held in Ritz Carlton – Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.. so on afternoon Monday i was setting almost everything, not much but quite a lot for the event.. fyi that was a kind of exhibition + seminar + forum + hands on lab.. because i’m a part of Engineer division & the seniors is away from Jakarta so i have to set up everything.. kind a tired but fun..

there was a ballroom, big, we rent a hole 2nd floor actually (wow bunch of money!) the big ballroom for the exhibition, 2 medium room for seminar, 1 room for hands on lab, and the other room is for oil&gas forum..i have photos of the room but its mas Ali’s camera because i was bring it everywhere with me.. so i just googling the same ballroom we use (it can be venue for wedding too!! *too much interest with wedding now kkk*)

02-DSC_0554-copy 02-DSC_0536-copyvery beautiful right? *and so large*

and one think, its the toilet.. i even said “wow its bigger than my room..” so classy so luxury.. i just want it in my home.. hahaha


they used marmer as the material, for a toilet? OMG.. (yeaa dulu di LA jg marmer sih) but the tissue it was folding like that so classy, and they even set a small towel beside a tissue.. it have AC and the dust bin is made from rotan.. whatta~

IMG_20140521_212121my new family, Engineering Division.. the only one girl,

the other one is admin & pregnant too bad not join RAOTM this year..

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