Sasaeng Fans??

well actually i have a couple friends “like” her.. i mean, they religion is Moslem but they’re toooooo… what to say? free? liberal? mmmm dunno… i kinda understand because for they’re hole life they’re not living in Indonesia all time.. some of them living in Japan in their childhood or some years, another live in Germany in their campus life.. i think that makes them thinking about religion is not really important or.. hmm what to say?? they’re toooo open mind, in religion.. but still use religion to cover their “fake” life.. so funny~

really funny tho when i read the second paragraph : I know religion is a basic in our daily life but you can stop making OUR RELIGION look bad by approve the wrongdoing with the name of YOUR GOD..

see? like i said.. she’s Moslem.. at first she said OUR RELIGION, then she said YOUR GOD.. so.. she has DIFFERENT GOD with me.. i wont ever trust her.. CASE CLOSED!! 😛

*and i really decreasing to appear in facebook to share/post about politics on Ramadhan (busy to preparing another thing), but she was did it all the time in Ramadhan.. i never disturb he anyway, then i came up with one shared then she DID this AGAIN.. LOL she’s such a kiddo*


i saw it 2 days after i post on Facebook.. and to be honest, it’s not the first time she did this.. sooooo~

well i dont give a damn about what you did or what you believe in or who.. i never disturb you anyway.. but hey! it’s kinda creepy when i shared or write something then you re-shared it or print-screen it on your own wall…

are you really care about me?? really have to think about my post so serious like that?

WOW.. such an honour..



i dont know what to say, but it looks like a creepy sasaeng hardcore fans or hardcore hatters.. i just dont know what to do, but i still smile when i saw it.. i really have a big part in your life huh~ xoxo.. 🙂

i just need to be LEGOWO.. because she won’t be LEGOWI.. XD

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