Serba Masalah (SM) Entertainment

yak, instead of writing about my-happy-glorious-beautiful-wedding.. i prefer to write about the latest BIG HIT NEWS : Jessica drop from Girls Generation’s member.. after May Kris leaving EXO, Sulli’s rumored being pregnant, Taeyeon and Beakhyun revealed to be a couple.. and yeah, its even bigger news than before.. A TOP GIRL GROUP, one of the main vocal is drop out.. a lil bit shocked.. its too.. uhhmm what to say? unpredictable? shocked? too fast? never imagine? and when its about SM Ent again.. its like “OH MY GOD.. another person drop out..” -____-“


A_v3q8_CYAAhg_6.jpg large


with all rumors that the girls feels like She’s already abandon their group because she’s been busy with her fashion brand BLANC, or even rumors about she’s getting married with Taylor Kwon, whatever.. i just dont believe it.. i dont know why, but i believe that Jessica already give her best to the group that make her like she is right now.. She even make herself go and back to Amerika – Korea in one day just to reach her goal : fashion (BLANC) and fanmeeting in China.. but then without any notification, SM Ent just drop her from the group.. so.. wow.. it was so.. i dont know.. being Jessica at that time, maybe it was so painful.. she always give her best to SM Ent & Girls Generation, but she have to be end like this..

GG Tour JKT 1

tumblr_mkea3ai2AB1rs5vhgo1_500but whatever the reason, from SM Ent or Jessica herself.. i believe that she can make herself even success from before.. she’s beautiful, she’s famous, she has angelic beautiful voice, she has a great taste in fashion, her acting was not really bad too.. she still can be a singer, solo maybe.. she can be an entrepreneur or future fashion designer.. she can be an actress too.. she was born in Los Angeles and her English in really fluent, so no worry about anything Jess… there are so many people who still love you and supporting you..




we’re not going to see SunSica (Sunny – Jessica) anymore 😦





be strong Jessica, and keep smiling.. 😀

SONE will always support you and Girls Generation, we know that you are a strong girl.. 🙂

otot jessica

good luck on your own fashion brand : BLANC



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