August Tough

this august so many things in office either our (me my hubby) finance comes and hit us a lil bit tough.. its not like we have a hard time with our financial.. but some of those things is related to our income..

first.. our partner in working Conoco Phillips’ project is not pay us yet.. and its been over a month..

second.. we got some *i’m sorry before* stupid buyer in Tokopedia.. some of them is so bawel, some of them is too lazy to read the notes i put on Tokopedia.. the other is newbie/amateur but trying to buy our product without have a basic skill and put the blame on us when he failed to use our product..

third.. we have a job from our college friend, its for her husband.. she ask me to asked to my hubby to do the project (website – email – cctv – laundry app).. we did the email, and waiting the content for website, then my hubby ask me to asked our friend to remind her husband to pay the down payment and send us the web content.. i ask her politely, but my hubby got a call from her husband and got scolded.. that was make me really really disappointed, not only we’re got scolded for reminding his duty, it made my relationship with her is broken.. if i knew that it could be like that, we wont ever ask her and him to pay the down payment.. we wont ever take that project.. later, her husband come to our office & my hubby say NO to do the rest (cctv and laundry app).. good job hun :* and later i just realize that she removed me from her friend list in Facebook.. how disappointing..

fourth.. we have a recitation and baby shower in the end of August.. we have a plan to make a prayer book for the recitation.. my hubby got D to help us make the book, that was because his friend have a printing house.. D said that the book will finished on August 23rd.. when i asked on August 24th, he said that the book isn’t finished yet.. and then we got the book delivered on August 25th.. we order 60 books, but we only got 58, the other 2 is not finished yet.. its ok we thought.. but when we asked for the total price, D’s friend gave us a double price for each book.. it was really really another disappointing moment.. he was late to delivered the book, he didn’t finished the amount order, but he gave us a double price, when he’s not even print it all except the cover but copied the sample we gave to D.. if he delivered the book on time, he got the amount of the book correctly, and print the book from the start, maybe we won’t mind to pay the price he gave us.. but this is too much.. even Imen said he can give us 7000 each, and Afan said his neighbor make the recitation book only 3000 each..


i hope September will be a better months for us.. too many people who made us pissed off on this August.. 😐


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